FRN must be an 'individual' and not a business

The FRN given during registration must be an 'individual' and not a business entity type. For example, I recently had a candidate who specified "Private Sector, Sole Proprietor", see -- this should not be used for an FCC amateur radio license. I have had FRNs given as contact individuals of businesses, even a university. None of these should be used for a ham radio license -- only 'individual' FRNs. I would like registration to stop these types of FRNs, or at least have ET generate a warning like a non-matching call sign, license address, etc. Right now, I must manually check each candidate's FRN to ensure that it is the right type. It would be easier and would catch more mistakes if the system did the checking for me.

Under consideration Suggested by: Dave Wickert AE7TD Upvoted: 22 Nov, '22 Comments: 0

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